Document Imaging Specialist Interview Questions for Job Seekers

1 How do you keep abreast of developments in document management? Share an experience.
2 Share an effective method you have used to monitor regulatory activity, maintian compliance with records, and document management laws.
3 Describe an effective plan you wrote and/or executed for testing document management laws.
4 Share an experience in which you proposed a recommendation which effectively improved content management system capabilities.
5 Describe an effective support document or training material which you prepared for end users of a document management system.
6 Describe an effective automated data entry procedure which you implemented.

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7 Share an experience in which exercising security surveillance over document processing, reproduction, distribution, storage, or archiving helped you in your work.
8 Provide an effective method you have used to document technical functions and/or specifications for new or proposed content management systems.
9 Share an experience in which consulting with end users regarding problems in accessing electronic content helped you identify or resolve a problem.
10 What factors do you consider when assessing document management requirements or needs of departments or end users? Share an experience.
11 Provide an effective method you have used to develop document or contenct classification taxonomies in order to facilitate information capture, search, and retrieval.
12 What factors do you consider when assessing new electronic document management systems?
13 Describe a document management policy you determined which effectively facilitated efficient, legal, and/or secure access to electronic content.
14 Share an effective method you have used to analyze, interpret, and/or disseminate system performance data.
15 How have you used document and system access rights and revision control to ensure security of system and integrity of master documents?

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