Interview Questions for a Public Health Advisor for Employers

1 Share an experience you had in dealing with a difficult person and how you handled the situation.
2 Tell me about an effective health education or promotion program which you developed and/or presented.
3 Tell me about the last time you performed administrative tasks such as maintaining information files or processing paperwork.
4 Please share with me an example of how you helped coach or mentor someone. What improvements did you see in the person's knowledge or skills?
5 Describe a time when you successfully provided personal assistance to a coworker or patron.
6 Share an experience in which you successfully shared a difficult piece of information with the deceased's family. Share an experience. (Make sure that the candidate has open lines of communication.)
7 Share an experience in which you translated or explained difficult information and the use of it.
8 Tell me about the last time you recorded, transcribed, and/or stored information. Did you use electronic/magnetic form or written form?
9 Tell me how you organize, plan, and prioritize your work.
10 Share an experience when you applied new technology or information in your job. How did it help your company?
11 Give me an example of when you thought outside of the box. How did it help your employer?
12 Tell me about an experience in which you analyzed information and evaluated results to choose the best solution to a problem.
13 Would you consider analyzing data or information a strength? How so?
14 Provide an experience in which you used information and judgment to determine whether the complicated events or processes of your company complied with all laws, regulations, and/or standards.
15 Tell me about the last time you successfully compiled, coded, categorized, calculated, tabulated, audited, or verified information/data. How did it affect your company?
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